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Teacher Apartment Tour

Fully-furnished Apartment

Each teacher is provided with a fully-furnished apartment that is located within walking distance of the school. Our Foreign Staff Support team will prepare your apartment before your arrival and each one is complete with bed & bedding, a/c & heater, cooking/eating utensils, refrigerator, microwave, stovetop, and more! If you are interested to see if we provide a certain ammenity please ask!

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Foreign Staff Support

MeySen hires a dedicated team to support our 70+ foreign staff. This team prepares apartments for new teachers and provides translation for important occasions.
Our FSS will also help with certain tasks like…

  • Visa application assistance
  • Help with government paperwork
  • Setting up fully furnished apartment pre-arrival
  • Resolve apartment issues (including replacing broken furniture or appliances)
  • Help with transportation to and translation at appointments
  • Help getting new cell phone in Japan
  • Help when looking for and buying a car
  • Translate Japanese mail
  • Set up Japanese bank account soon after arrival

Pension & Healthcare

All teachers will be enrolled in Shigaku Kyosai, or the Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation for Private Schools of Japan(PMAC). The Shigaku Kyosai premiums are made up of three separate system premiums: health insurance, National and Employee Pension, and an additional pension system that applies to those who remain in Japan and paid into this system for more than 10 years. The health insurance (Kenko Hoken) system under Shigaku Kyosai works on a partial cost sharing system for payments at medical facilities. Insured parties receive 70% coverage of medical expenses related to illness and injuries.

If you leave Japan, and have contributed to the pension system for less than 10 years, you can apply to have your pension contributions returned to you as a lump-sum payment after leaving the country. If you don’t apply for the lump-sum withdrawal, your pension contributions will be credited to the equivalent system in your home country. For those who have contributed to the pension system for 10 years or more, they will receive their pension payments from Japan upon retirement.

Career Opportunities

After working at MeySen for one year, other opportunities become available.

  • Lead Buddy / Teacher (Mentoring Position)
  • Teacher Trainer
  • Head Teacher
  • Program Director
  • Literacy Specialist
  • Additional Classes
    • - High School Classes
    • - Toddler Classes
    • - Cross-trained to substitute for other positions
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Yearly Raises

Each additional year you will receive a raise in your salary. The resigning bonus will also increase.

Shared Vehicle

Sendai has a great public transportation system that is easy to understand and use. In addition to that, MeySen provides a shared vehicle for the teachers to use for sightseeing trips, shopping, chores, and more.


Annual Flight Benefit

MeySen will provide your plane ticket when you are hired to teach. Each additional year, we provide a ticket home.


There are three times during the year that the teachers will have vacation time. Once in the summer, again at Christmas, and at the end of the year in March after the school year is finished. There are national holidays, yearly PTOs, and scheduled days off for teachers as well.

Teacher Outings

MeySen wants teachers to explore Japan's rich culture and believes that teachers will receive the most from their experience living in Japan if they can immerse themsevles in their community. To help, we provide seasonal outings for teachers to experience some of the festivals and sights in and around Sendai.


MeySen provides an inexpensive option for teachers to eat lunch and dinner at our Foreign staff cafeteria on the weekdays. This is a great option for anyone that is worried about making their own meals or someone that wants to save money on food.

Community & Opportunities

There are several opportunities for teachers to have a vast number of activities outside of the school. Many of our teachers learn Japanese through private tutors or classes. Our teachers have been involved in several varying activities such as: Judo / Taiko Drums / Kimono / Worship Singing in a Local Church / Community Service / Local Sports Leagues