Japanese & English Program Manager


The Program Director’s primary function is to oversee the Friends Club and High School programs at MeySen Academy. This is an advanced afterschool English program for elementary and secondary school students who are graduates of MeySen Kindergarten. The Program Director must become familiar with the program’s schedule for the year and lead event planning, as well as oversee the day to day operations of the program and its necessary logistical support. The role requires being available and approachable to both the teaching staff and parents of students, and the person filling the role must be a good communicator and listener. Speaking Japanese with the students, parents and some staff is also a requirement.

Starting Yearly Salary (DOE): ¥5,000,000 to ¥7,000,000

Essential Functions

  1. Day to Day Management
    Runs and oversees the day to day department operations; including staff issues, student issues, bus schedules, changes in schedule due to weather, Etc...
  2. Class Planning
    This occurs every February and March, before the new school year, and includes the creation of classes for the school year – assigning students to classes and teachers to those classes and classrooms.
  3. Special Events & Program Planning
    Oversees the planning and execution of all special events and programs. Events such as, and not limited to, summer camps, school trips and outings, FC store days and game days.
    • Directs and coordinates activities of teachers and support staff at special programs.
    • Plans, coordinates, and oversees school logistics such as bus and food services for special programs and events.
  4. Student Support
    Enforces student management and discipline based on the Biblical understanding of “right and wrong” while ensuring that the staff and students demonstrate Christian values to one another.
    • Deals with student issues that arise (e.g. bullying)
    • Counsels and provides guidance to students regarding personal, academic, vocational, or behavioral issues.
  5. Parent Interaction & Communication
    Confers with parents and staff to discuss educational activities, policies, and student behavioral or learning problems. Works to resolve student behavioral and academic issues.
    • Communication:
      Communicates with parents, in person, by telephone, and in written form, regarding individual student issues. Performs final check and approval of all letters to the MeySen families. Provides information and answers questions regarding MeySen’s philosophy of education, school policies, or specific issues regarding individual students.
    • Grievances:
      Resolves and handles parent issues, questions and concerns, and when necessary, escalates issues to the vice principal and/or principal.
  6. Overall Management & Training of English Teaching Staff
    Observes classes to monitor each teacher’s strengths and notes any areas that need continued training and support. Ensure that each classroom has an environment that fosters quality student learning and safety. Records and maintains all in and outdoor classroom observations. Confers with the training team regarding any issues and delegates any technical training needed to trainers.
    • Oversees employee training and evaluation of primary and supplemental staff.
    • Coordinates with the supervisory and management team in the hiring of new staff.
    • Works with the HR office to resolves employee discipline issues and employee dismissal.
    • Approves staff time cards and requests for time off.
    • Evaluates and rewards performance of their teaching staff, including recommendation for compensation raises for review by the management team.
  7. Coordinates with Other MeySen Programs and Their Management Teams
    Coordinates with each management and supervisory teams in establishing and executing future departmental standards and goals.
    • Works together with other departments’ needs for facility and grounds booking and use; grounds preparation; and event planning and execution.
  8. Logistics Planning and Oversight
    Determines allocations of funds for staff, supplies, materials, and equipment, and authorizes purchases.
    • Oversees and initiates grounds preparation for special events (decorations, tents, etc.), and various campus and facility needs that arise (shoveling snow, reporting repair needs to maintenance, etc.)

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • High ethical standards and integrity
  • Good communication and listening skills
  • Native Japanese speaker with native level English ability
  • Intimate knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture – in communicating with the parents of students, the Program Director must be able to accurately ascertain what is being communicated, and respond appropriately.
  • Investigative skills, an ability to seek and find out all sides of an issue before making a decision – especially in the case of resolving friend issues among students, issues must be investigated thoroughly before taking action.
  • Decision making and problem solving skills – the Program Director must be able to balance the needs of the students and parents, the needs of the staff, and the needs of the organization and come to a successful resolution.
  • Ability to plan, organize and prioritize work
  • Ability to build, develop and lead teams; will promote team efforts and team recognition
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks in a complex operating environment
  • Basic PC and technology skills

Reporting Structure

The English Department Program Director works in conjunction with MeySen’s other Program Directors and Deputy Program Directors (i.e. Premier School and Takamori Kindergarten, FC and HS), and reports directly to the English Department Vice-Principal.

General Working Hours

11 AM to 8 PM, Monday through Friday with a 1 hour lunch break, and Saturdays from 8 AM to 12 PM. Hours adjusted as needed for involvement in Kindergarten and Saturday events and programs.

This job description is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all duties, but as a starting point in describing the overall focus and purpose of the role.