Friends Club Teacher

Department: Friends Club

Locations: Maruyama Campus, Takamori Campus

Reports To: Program Director, Head Teacher

Job Summary: Teaches elementary age Japanese children English as a second language using GrapeSEED curriculum. Leads, manages and teaches two classes a day of approximately 20-25 children. Works with fellow teachers for the planning and implementation of teaching techniques, special activities and programs. Creates an environment for the children, inside and outside the classroom that is safe, fun and conducive to learning.

Essential Functions:

  1. Memorizes and masters GrapeSEED curriculum, which includes chants, songs and stories.
  2. Teaches children to listen, speak, read and write in English using GrapeSEED standard teaching techniques. (training provided)
  3. Learns, tests, and implements teaching techniques provided by GrapeSEED curriculum training, or as requested by training staff, Head Teacher and Program Director.
  4. Intentionally cultivates relationships with the students, learns each child’s name. Consistently interacts inside and outside the classroom with each child.
  5. Leads children in singing. Models correct melody, rhythm, and pronunciation of songs for children.
  6. Maintains up-to-date and accurate records of class plans, and student attendance, points and rewards.
  7. Prepares and distributes children’s materials and letters to parents.
  8. Prepares and mails birthday cards to all children. Celebrates birthdays for children on the appropriate class day.
  9. Evaluates students’ English progression based on the theme story as assigned by the Program Director or Head teacher.
  10. Participates in team meetings, sharing knowledge, experiences, and ideas among team members.
  11. Maintains a clean classroom environment. Decorates walls and classroom appropriate to children, current season, holiday and/or subject of study. Sweeps and cleans classroom daily.
  12. Plays actively with children outside daily: running, using playground equipment, games, and balls.
    Maintains a safe environment through constant visual supervision, intervenes physically in emergency situations, including, if necessary, carrying an injured child to a place of safety.
  13. Meets the buses and greets the children upon arrival, sends them off at departure. Assists buses in backing up, and monitors sidewalk safety (Takamori).
  14. Communicates frequently with Head Teacher and Program Director regarding children’s learning progress and classroom issues.
  15. Participates in team planning meetings for special events, camps and trips. Responsible for set-up and clean-up of each program. Leads and manages own class during event, serves in support capacity for fellow teachers’ events.
  16. Communicates with parents as needed regarding issues with child.

Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Teaches Jr. High or High School classes as requested by Program Director.
  2. Performs other duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Previous experience working with children, and enjoys working with children
  • Honest, hard working, flexible and dedicated individual who has a warm and energetic personality


  • Native speaker level of English. (based on a North American phonics pronunciation)
  • Minimum two year degree from an accredited college or university

Working Conditions:

1:30 to 7:30PM*
8:00AM to 6PM
Day Off, barring 8-10 Sundays during the year (these days are considered holiday work and are compensated with either a day off or extra pay)

*New teachers report to work at 1:00 during the first trimester. HS teachers report to work at 1:00 on days they are teaching High School.
During Christmas parties and summer camps the schedule is changed to accommodate all the events. During these times, a work and staffing schedule is given ahead of time so that our staff can plan accordingly. These types of activities also require extra meetings and preparation.

Monday through Friday Schedule (Example):

  • 1:30PM  Reports to work, prep/meeting
  • 4:20PM  Young Children Arrive, Playtime
  • 4:40PM  Younger children class begins
  • 5:15PM  Older children arrival/playtime (during younger children’s class)
  • 5:40PM  Younger Children Leave
  • 5:45PM  Older Children Class begins
  • 6:45PM  Older Children Leave
  • 6:50PM  Clean-up

Saturday Schedule (Example):

  •  8:00AM  Report to Work
  •  8:40AM  Older Children arrival/playtime
  •  9:10AM  Older Children Class begins
  •  9:45AM  Younger children arrival/playtime (during older children’s class)
  • 10:10AM  Younger Children Leave
  • 10:15AM  Younger Children Class begins
  • 11:15AM  Class ends
  • 11:20AM  Younger Children Leave
  • 11:30AM  Clean-up & Lunch
  •  1:00PM-6PM  Afternoon Programs, i.e. trip to the zoo, park, museum. (Saturday afternoons are free on days with no programs or meetings.)

As an example, a teacher might teach a class of first graders (considered as the "younger children" in the above schedule) and a class of sixth graders (considered as the "older children") on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, this same teacher might have a class of second graders (considered as the "younger children") and a class of fourth graders (considered as the "older children").


Annual Base Salary starting at 2,760,000 yen (
Monthly Break-down: 180,000 yen + 50,000 yen (housing subsidy) = 230,000 yen per month.

Other Benefits:

  • End of the year performance based bonus and re-signing bonuses
  • Fully furnished apartment
  • One economy class round trip plane ticket per year
  • National health insurance with 70% coverage - optional (MeySen pays half of the salary based premiums)
  • Paid training (mid-February to April 1st)
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Three vacations available throughout year:
    • Summer: Around 12 days (mid August)
    • Winter: Around 12 days (over New Years beginning after Christmas)
    • Spring: Around 7 days (end of March)
    • Additionally: 10 national holidays throughout year